Ice Hockey International has been a great resource for our organization and our staff. The professionally done, in-depth reports by trusted scouts in the game is a huge asset for us. The frequency of the reports gives us a great feel for the player and the rating system adds more depth into the player profile. IHI has been a valuable tool for us in identifying prospective players for our team.
Bobby Goepfert
Assistant Coach
Cedar Rapids Roughriders (USHL)
Ice Hockey International has been a valuable addition to our recruiting. We have a great trust in the IHI staff. They produce accurate reports and organized contact information which is a great benefit to our program as well as the student-athlete.
Rob Haberbusch
Head Hockey Coach
Hamilton College
Ice Hockey International is exactly what they say they are. Various scouting reports from a professional staff of scouts. Game reports are professional, complete and informative; they provide a great guide to help improve in areas that need improvement. I am very satisfied with IHI.
Matthew Zocco
Ice Hockey International is a valuable tool for parents looking for an honest assessment of their child's hockey skills . The player is assessed by evaluators in an honest and age appropriate fashion . Reports are generated with strengths and areas that need improvement clearly stated . Strengths can be reinforced and weakness targeted and improved . The service they provide is well worth the money spent.
Joseph Calvarino
The journey for youth ice hockey players can be blurry and challenging. As parents we are always looking for opinions to help determine their path. The IHI Staff provide informative player evaluations that focus on accuracy and development. The IHI reports extending to their vast network offers great exposure. Monica and I are very confident in the abilities of IHI.
Sean McCabe
IHI was a highly successful for us this past year providing detailed scouting reports from highly recognized leaders in the hockey community. Their honest and insightful evaluations were just as helpful for my son to see as they were for many the schools and league reps that used them. Happy to report my son landed at his desired school due in large part to the exposure IHI provided.
Dennis Layden
Ice Hockey International (IHI) is a terrific resource for young hockey players and their parents. It is often difficult for upcoming hockey players to: 1) get impartial 3rd party feedback from hockey experts so they can address strengths and weaknesses in their game, and 2) get seen and recognized by the hockey world as they play games in often remote locations at odd hours of the day and night. The IHI professionals are at almost every game, they capture the action during the entire season, and they analyze a players skills using a comprehensive evaluation system that is useful for the player and meaningful to scouts and coaches. Our experience has been excellent.
Tim Manahan
IHI does a great job of honestly accessing each players strengths and identifying areas to improve. Everyone needs an advocate and IHI gets information out to decision makers. I appreciate their candor and unbiased views of my sons game. They are constructive and based upon first hand observation by "hockey guys".
We have been extremely impressed with the IHI team and services. Professional IHI scouts came to see our son play in the midwest, Canada and the Atlantic District and provided detailed evaluations. The specific feedback was honest, insightful and quite helpful. IHI also clearly has a strong network among prep school, college and junior team coaches (including the USHL and the NAHL). We are very pleased with the work of IHI and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking to improve their game, and get to the next level.
The Carroll Family
After reading the final overall scouting report on our son, I was impressed by IHI's complete, comprehensive and unbiased evaluation. IHI, with their team of scouts, saw our son 15-20 times during the year and always provided a fair assessment of our son's game good or bad. Unlike other scouting services, IHI even gave us a full evaluation of our son's bad performances. That said, the service to be fair and confidential and a tool that can provide my son with a road map on what aspects of his game need improvement.
IHI does a tremendous job identifying talented student-athletes. Their recommendations and evaluations have been invaluable to our coaching staff and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.
Vincent Sorriento
The Millbrook School
I had the chance to review the scouting reports done by IHI. The hard work of a few will be an invaluable resource to so many. Nice work IHI and looking forward to seeing what the future holds.
Keith Dupee
The Lawrenceville School
IHI provides outstanding scouting report service. Evaluation is performed by highly experienced and respected scouts, and reports include relevant data, accurate assessments and are extremely helpful for both players and coaches.
Lynn D. Wilson
I have been very satisfied with the services that IHI has provided. The scouting reports were used positively throughout the season for my son to train and continue to be a better player.
Ken Parker